I’m so happy that these precious  families decided to capture this unforgettable time in their lives with maternity portraits. As a mother of two I know firsthand how it is to feel tired, achy, and blimp-like. However, having these once in a lifetime memories is something you can’t get back.   Enjoy a look at the moments we captured…


Maternity2 Maternity3 Maternity4

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This adorable little Jedi is William! He is so sweet and I’m in love with his beautiful golden complexion!


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This gorgeous little man is Nathaniel at 6 days NEW! His was so good for his session and even gave me a big smile! LOVE HIM!


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One of my favorite little people…(I have many)…how can you not just fall in love with those eyes and dimples, not to mention her bubbly personality!


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This sweet little one is Emerson!  She wanted to stay awake for her session, so curious to see the world!  However, I did manage to sneak a few shots of those beautifully long eyelashes and pouty lips.



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This little one is Nathan.  He is so precious and has the cutest little face and longest eyelashes.  Enjoy a look at his session…


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This handsome prince is Nathan Paul!   He was a champ for his session and probably would have let me pose him all day!  Enjoy a peek at this little one…who by the way looks just like his Mommy!


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This sweet bundle of joy is Knox! He is so content and gave me so many adorable little grins during his session. Enjoy a look at his session…

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These two brothers are as sweet as they can be.  Big brother Brady loved on little Logan when he wasn’t too happy about having his picture taken.  By the end of the shoot, I was able to capture the cutest little curled up nose grin out of that little guy!  Too cute!


labels: Burlington, Family, Kids

This handsome little boy is Silas! I’m completely in love with his strawberry blonde hair and his cute little nose.


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