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I’ve had an abundance of newborn boys in the studio lately and they have all been soooo precious!  This little one is Aiden William.


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This little sweetheart is Kason David!


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This HANDSOME little guy is Harrison! He was so good for his session and probably would have let me pose him all day! I love his sweet little face!


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This little beauty is Lily Elise… She was such a sweetheart during her session.


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Did you know that newborn sessions MUST be done within the first 14 days of life?

Did you know that the BEST time is between 5-10 days after arrival?

Newborn2Reason #1

I will be moving them around for those sweet squishy poses that we all love and adore.  I want to make sure they’re relaxed and sleepy enough that they rest easily into those poses.  After day 14, it’s extremely difficult to get the baby into a deep sleep that came so easily in their first few days of life.

Reason #2

Sometime around 14 days of life most babies discover that they’re no longer living inside small quarters and begin to stretch and feel the freedom of the outside world.  Once that happens they’re much more reluctant to allow me to curl them up and pose them effortlessly.


So, if you are expecting call me today!

I recommend you reserve your due date on my calendar at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to your little one arriving.

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This handsome little man is Judson Alexander.  He has the sweetest little round face, pouty lips, and cheerful smile!


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Meet Cruz, 7 days new and as perfect as can be.  I photographed his big brother Tyler just a couple of years ago and I’m sure he is excited to have his baby brother to watch over and play with!



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Aaron Nathanael at 8 days new… enjoy a look at this sweet little boy!


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Meet beautiful Elaina…a doll baby!


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What’s better than photographing a newborn?  Photographing TWINS!!!  Meet Tucker and his sister Victoria.  They were both soooo good for their session and I just had the greatest  time photographing them!

Twins1 Twins2

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